Expanded and detailed tutorial on how to install Windows Sub-System for Linux (WSL2), and Docker for windows, including explanation on how to run Dev-Containers on top of it, configuring them and developing in a container environment.


In May 2020 Microsoft introduced a new way of running native Linux based applications on Windows which is called WSL2 — Windows Sub-System for Linux. This technology was introduced in version 2004 (build 19041) of Windows 10. WSL2, unlike its predecessor WSL, is a full Linux kernel capable of running on top of your Windows system. …

Learn How to run a Postgres DB Docker container, connect an interface and run a NodeJS server that performs two-factor authentication for registering users.

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There are a few ways to create a two factor authentication in your application. Each website that has user register & login capability should have a two factor authentication for improved security. For Example if you have an Angular client and you want to validate each user who registers on your website then an email/mobile phone authentication is the way to go.

In this article we will cover email Two-Factor implementation with NodeJS server side, PostgreSQL…

Alex Prozorov

Fullstack Developer at Bis-Tec technologies

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